Royal Irrawaddy

   The Way to mixed Business and Pleasure

Be it hosting a business event ,Product launch, Gathering or annual dinner  for your company,

Royal Irrawaddy offers ideal event venues that cater to your exacting needs .This sensational venue will make your business impressive.

The ideal space with 101 Feet length and 29 Feet wide and we provides the perfect setup with luxury setting for your event ,whether  it is a black tie or fun theme party.


Enjoy the impressive views over  Yangon River.

Royal Irrawaddy will bring you and your team to discover the spectacular sceneries of Yangon’s waterways and the rich historical and cultural landscapes that lie along the banks of the Yangon River on the Sunset Cruise.

Experience the beauty of Yangon in the final hours of its sunset while savoring the fresh evening breeze with your partner. Observe the Lighthouse of the Twante Canal.. And enjoy the amazing glow of lights along the river banks as the sun gently sinks below the horizon will tailor your event to make it a memorable occasion.

Watch this evening sunset disappear over the horizon while you enjoy relaxing drink and casual food dining by Yangon River View ,a precious memories to keep.

Memorable Party , Unforgettable place , Responsible professional

Planning a social or corporate event can be stressful if you have to be both the host and the planner. The key to a successful event is to have someone there to handle all of the production aspects so that you can enjoy your guests or be a host to your VIP’s.

Our team of event planner make sure that every aspect of your special day from the Themes ,Audio and lighting arrangement  to Catering services.



‘‘ Impress your team and business  partners with an unforgettable Cruise

and show your appreciation’’

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