My name is Myint Aung, Founder & Managing Director of Royal Marine Engineering Co., Ltd and a proud owner of the luxury pleasure yacht, DORA. Having graduated in the mechanical engineering field, I started my career as a marine engineer at an international shipping company. This experience has widened my horizons and brought me to many places around the world. I have been to many shipyards and pontoons across the globe and have learnt a great deal about different types of vessels, especially the pleasure yachts. From then on, I have always dreamt about having my own personal pleasure yacht for my family and myself.

After retiring from a seaman life in 1995, I established Royal Marine Engineering Co., Ltd based on my maritime expertise. During my first few years of start-up, I worked very hard to run my company whilst never losing sight of my dream of having a pleasure yacht.

In year 2005, I had an opportunity of building my own vessel and this was when I finally believed that I could now put my dream into a reality. First and foremost, I brought a hull design of my yacht from Australia. With my very own skilled engineers and technicians, we slowly and meticulously crafted our very first vessel in Myanmar Shipyard; one of the largest shipyards in Myanmar until now. I dedicated a great deal of my time besides my company operations and it took us 5 years to fully complete the pleasure yacht. I have named my pleasure yacht, DORA, and at the time I believe it was one of the very first modern pleasure yachts that has been built in Myanmar.

As for the interior of the yacht, I selected my own designs and worked on it with my carpenters using the Burmese teak. The sundeck is beautifully fabricated using a combination of French technology and high quality local teak. A Rolls Royce engine was used and all other machineries are of high standards to ensure safe journeys with regular maintenance every year.

Today, my children are studying abroad and we have not found the time to use the yacht for our leisure. My wife, CeCe, has therefore decided to run DORA as a morning and sunset cruise along the Yangon River. Dora has been operating since 2010 as a river cruise and we are honoured to have welcomed many travellers and explorers across the world.

I would like to cordially invite everyone to experience a breath-taking river cruise on Dora while exploring picturesque scenery of the Yangon River. What makes DORA very different from other cruises is that it is a tailor-made pleasure yacht embodied with passion and caring sincerity. In closing, I like to extend my kind wishes to every traveller on board that may you find warmth, a sense of familiarity and a very pleasant journey.

Myint Aung
Managing Director

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